My love for Fine Arts goes back to my childhood.  Both of my parents were very     creative.  My parents were inventors as well as my Mom being an artist.  She could have well been a curator of a museum.  She has been asked by two big universities to date their clothes in their collections as she knew more than the professors did. 

        My Mother felt everyone should know on the great master's from  the past to the present.  Michaelangelo, Leonardo DaVinci, Raphael, Rembrandt, Ver Meer, Van Gogh, to Eric Sloan with his pastorals to Fortuny with his magnificent  brilliant colors and pleating and dress designs.  Frank Lloyd Wright with his architecture, Faberge' with his eggs,lamps and vases, Nuttig and Wooten in furniture,  Paul Revere with his silversmithing to the fabulous laces from Europe where the economy of countries lay in jeopardy.  Knowing of the history of lace being smuggled in coffins and deceased dogs insides to ripped out to be replaced withrolled up  laces and sewn up smuggled from one country to another.  Mother collected laces and  linens.  We both always marveled at the workmanship and designs combined with the time involved by the lace makers.  During this time it was when I literally fell in love with laces.  I learned to restore as well as conserve the laces as well as knitting lace.  I can paint anything as I learned at my Mother's side, but painting historic laces are my specialty.  To me I find it the most challenging, so I followed my heart. I love the attention of detail and accuracy which shows in all my work.  Curators  of many accredited museums have told me they are in awe of my work and admire it finding it both spectacular and impressive.  They have told me that even the public can't believe it isn't really a lace textile.

        It is my plan to have someday my own gallery and museum and to become internationally known.  I want to continue both with exhibitions at museums  and galleries  and to sell my work as well to lace lovers the world over.  Hopefully "historic Lace Paintings" will also be recognized not only as a textile but as a real art in itself.  Lace maker's creations are no less art than  regular fine art paintings they are just worked in threads and metals.instead of using paints.  My art is a tribute to lace maker's around the world  from past to the future.

        Her Majesty (Queen Elizabeth II) has written me via her Lady-in-Waiting twice as to her interest on my art as well as wishing me  great success on my exhibit.

I thank  the Lord for the talent HE has given me to share with others.

BE SURE TO WATCH FOR: solo exibit for three months this fall of 2012 at:

Lacis Museum
Berkeley, Ca.

Artist Receives Tremendous Achievement

Kansas City, Missouri Jun 21, 2022 ( - Nancy Woolf-Pettyjohn is known to curators from museums around the globe to be the "only" artist to hand paint historic laces from museums around the world that have had prior copyright permission to do so. Having a God-given talent she is able to paint all genres as shown on her website. Recognized by Marquis Publishing she has been a listee many times in their volumes: Who's Who in America Who's Who in American Art Who's Who in the World alongside heads of state and others. This represents the top 3% of all professionals in the world.  In April of 2017, she was honored with their Lifetime Achiever Award. She has been in Artery NYC, magazines, books, newspapers, and websites and appeared on TV. Her artwork has been shown in Honiton England, Lyon France, Palermo Italy to Kiev Ukraine to Lisbon Portugal and Kenmare Ireland. She is known in 80-plus countries. Recently invited by the Editorial Team to have her work published in the Voices of Tomorrow Art Book. It will be edited by the Contemporary Art Curator Magazine and published in Winter 2023. "This will give insight into the exceptional talent that will most likely influence the art world's future. The list will be compiled by carefully selected 100 innovative artists from across the globe with unique visions, styles, and approaches to keep an eye out for in the near future." This is especially exciting for Nancy, as she was told by an American curator, "Nobody, but nobody ever shows their work in Europe before showing it in the U.S. first!". 

  Nancy is the daughter of Lucy Woolf and the late Homer Woolf and married to Matthew Pettyjohn.

  The artist asks if you like her "efforts" and please thank God from whom her talent comes.

Media Contact

Fine Art with the Master's Touch
[email protected]
P.O. Box 388 Wellington, Mo. 64097
2022 Official Invitation ATIM'S top 60 Masters for the Year 2022
(International Award)

2022 officially invited to be included in the book Voices of Tomorrow by Contemporary Art Curator Magazine in Dubai
This will give insight into the exceptional talent that will most likely influence the art world's future.  The list will be compiled by carefully selected 100 innovative artists from across the globe with unique visions,styles, and approaches to keep an eye out for in the near future". Available at bookstores,Amazon, Barnes and Noble.

2022 Officially invited to be included in the book  Art from Leonardo da Vinci to Today                      published by MAMAG Modern Art Museum, Austria

2023 was officially invited to be awarded the International Prize PEGASUS for the Arts.
"This award is for the artists that are worth for their artistic of the most pretigious art awards awarded in the heart of Venice...recognition that is assigned to all those artists who have distinguished themselves over the years for their artistic research and for the stylistic value of their works of art". Italy

2023 The EFFETTO ARTE Foundation institutes the Artistic Career Award for artists who have distinguished themselves over the years in the field of visual arts. Award to be given in Sept. 23 at the Teatro of Casino in Sanremo Italy. Officially invited.

2023 officially invited by the Scientific Committee to take part with 69 other foreign artists for the Sanremo Biennale a prestigious exhibition.

2023 was officially invited to enter 
Fira International d'Art de Barcelona  as "an established artist with an unique and noteworthy style". Spain

2023 officially invited to be in Spotlight Magazine Issue 32 for Circle Foundation of the Arts
France/Greece and others.

2023 Officialy invited to receive The Harmony For Humanity: The Global Consciousness Art Prize from Contemporary Art Collectors.

2023 Officially invited to be included in an online volume of contemporary art with artists from 1950 to present.

2023 officially invited to many event and art fairs, Cannes and Basel Biennale 2024
Louvre, Florence Biennale 2023
MAG Montreux 2023
Art Basel 2024
Gallery Representation in Vienna and Munich
Hamptons Fine Art Fair
Art in America Guide 2024

Officially invited Project Leaders Protagonists of Art at Washington D.C. 2023
The qualities that a LEADER-ART MASTER must possess are: remarkable creative capacity, recognition of his works, seriousness in the choice of expressive themes, novelty of the language, curriculum and international recognition and above all must prove to be capable of being considered a real PROTAGONIST of contemporary art.
Curators Dr. Salvatore Russo and Dr. Francesco Saverio Russo.

My signature always has a fish under it to reflect that I am a Christian.

My talent is from God and all praise is His.
This Award is for my painting of Chow Chow
This award is for my painting of Age of Innocence
Book available for purchase 45 Euros plus shipping

PAKS Gallery<[email protected]
Glossy Magazine available to purchase $44.57 total U.S. Dollar

Spotlight Issue 32
2023 Officially invited for The STARS OF ART AND MARKET 23 in Italy...
artists who constitute an excellent investment within the international art market. Award to be given.
EFBTO ARTE Foundation 2023
Art Diamond-Artists for the Museum
Aim of the curators is to identify the artists who can best stand out in the difficult field of contemporary art.
3 day video exhibition at Gonzaga Diocesan Museum in Mantua.
This is a very ambitious project that aims to select those who in the opinion of the curators, are worthy of entering museums around the world with their works.
All five continents will be represented.
Award is a precious customized plate.
Art DIAMOND Award 2023 and book below
" select those who in the opinion of the Curators, are worthy of entering museums around the world with their works". 5 continents represented. "to identify the artists who can best stand out in the difficult field of contemporary art".
Officially invited as 1 of 13 to be Ambassadors of the Art for America 2024.
Being an Ambassador means:
Taking the culture of the country one represents, abroad.
Handing down the value of one's art to posterity.
having the responsibility to represent one's nation artistically.

later to receive CONTEMPORARY Celebrity Masters book, commemorative pin, and personalized plaque.

2024 - 1 of 100 chosen! out of thousands from 45 countries based on 10 merits of criteria Winner of the Global Art Virtuoso: Elite Artistic Career Achievement Award!

Officially invited to have my art shown 2024 LA Art Show Feb. 14-18

AATONAU from Japan official invitation for an interview. 2024.

2024 book GREAT ABSTRACTIONISTS: Stories of Today's Major Abstract Artists by Studioarte22
From the 2024 LA Art Show
One of thirteen artists chosen to represent USA.