"Prairie Stroll"
16x20  Acrylic             Prairie Chicken
Really fluffy and furry as you can see! He could walk right into your heart.
"Deer Serenity"
16x20  Acrylic
Stag, Doe and Fawn
I am always on the side of wildlife as you can probably tell.  
Want to relax just gaze upon this beauty.
"Mating Season"
24x48  Acrylic
These are life-sized Chinese Ringnecked Pheasants with all the vivid color and splendor an artist can paint.  A real masterpiece!  Comments have been that even their feathers look real!
As an Artist, I am internationally known for my accuracy and detail which can be seen  in my wildlife and animals .

It is my hopes that after seeing my paintings you will feel like you have seen them in real and will gain a new appreciation of God's blessings and beauty that He has given to us.

All my paintings are suitable for Corporate or Residential needs.  If you have someone that enjoys nature this section is for you!


PLEASE WRITE ME FOR PRICES!  I think how much a person spends is a private matter.
"Sir Dudley" the Alpaca cutie! 16x20 What a sweet face!
 Wild West  Stampede! 18x24?
"A Mother's Love" A mother fox and her kits semi-hidden as they look to see what mischief is a head under the the protective eye of Mom.

Kudu 16x20 A regal looking animal!
Gemsbok 16x20
Tsessebe 16x20
Antelope 16x20
Raccoon Family 8X10
Reaching for the Sky
16 x 20