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Marquis Publishing of "Who's Who" volumes are based solely on merit...

                        Who's Who in American Art 2012 (32nd. Edition)                            
      Who's Who in American Art 2013 (33rd. Edition) 
        Who's Who in the World 2013 (30th. Anniversary Pearl Edition)

Just a part of my letter before my confirmation... 
"Marquis Who's Who, publisher of the original Who's Who in America since 1899, is recognized worldwide as the premier publisher of biographical information on important individuals across all fields of endeavor. Amongst those included in Marquis Who's Who publications are such luminaries as Warren Buffett, Mark Zuckerberg, Stephen Hawking, Jane Goodall, Diane Von Furstenberg, Sanjay Gupta, Angela Merkel, Rafael Nadal, Yo-yo Ma, and Oprah Winfrey. You should be proud of the achievements that led to your consideration for inclusion alongside such noteworthy men and women." Also listed in this book are           President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, Former President Bill Clinton ,
Queen Elizabeth, and Putin along with other great heads of countries." This book is a chronicling of the most influential men and women in the world."

Who's Who in American Art  for 2014 (34 th. Edition)my 3rd. time
Who's Who in America for 2014 ( 68th. Edition)my 1st. time
Who's Who in the World 2014  (31st. Edition )my 2nd. time

Who's Who in American Art for 2015 (4th. time)
Who's Who in America (2nd. time)
Who's Who in the World (3rd. time)

Who's Who in American Art for 2016 (5th. time)
Who's Who in America for 2016 (3rd. time)
Who's Who in  the World for 2016 (4th. time)
Who's Who in the World for 2021
Who's Who in America for 2022

International Art Space
Hardbound Book
Palermo, Italy and finished in Kiev, Ukraine 2018
​by invitation

Truly overwhelmed! Thank You for your continued support of my "efforts"! It is truly appreciated!

Lifetime Achievement Award by Marquis for their Online Publication
(This has one million plus names listed.  There are currently 3.7 Billion people in the world so I feel very honored by this latest honor!)

Voices of Tomorrow Art Book by
Contemporary Art Curators Magazine

Circle Foundation of the Arts

Art from Leonardo Da Vinci to Today by
MAMAG Modern Art Museum Austria


My website is attached to the city of Kenmare, Ireland under :
A-Z  Directory under the sub-heading of Lace

My website is attached under Lacey Places 
International Old Lacers Organization (I.O.L.O)

My press release was mentioned on a Shirbin, Egypt website
, Egypt website, Egypt website
Currently , known in 80 plus countries and counting.

My business website:

Fine Art with the Master’s Touch

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Highest Honors:

In 2020 this represents my tenth consecutive year in Marquis Who's Who in the World

Honored by Marquis for 2018 Who's Who in the World
This represents the top 3% of the professionals in the world.

Lifetime Achievement Award 2017 from Marquis Who's Who
I was selected by Marquis to be part of 1.7 Million inductees world-wide for their Online Version.

Industry Expert feature also selected by Marquis Who's Who as an expert in the Fine Art field.  This honor represents the top 8% of the above 1.7 million inductees world-wide.
This is quite an honor to be be selected out of the 7 billion plus people worldwide! 
You have to be selected for this honor you can not just wish to be included.

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 Who's Who in American Art 2012 (32nd Edition) Marquis Publishing! 

          "Your inclusion in this exclusive directory distinguishes you as one of the foremost achievers in America's art community." (Other Artists that have been included in the past are 
Thomas Hart Benton and Norman Rockwell).

This new edition contains  biographies of artists, critics, curators, and other industry professionals. 
Volume goes international and to "all U.S. public libraries" and universities as well as Mexico and Canada.  
The American Art Collector 
August 2011 Issue 
under:  3rd. Annual Portrait Artists representing Missouri

Everyone of us has their own special story to tell others. Here is mine:

I really started out wanting to be a Surgical (Baptist missionary) Nurse. While a student at the hospital  in 1977-8 they were having an epidemic.  I came down with three fatal diseases from the operating room and a fourth fatal disease while being a patient at another hospital.  Five dr.s gave me no hope to survive.  God healed me in 79'.  Praise God for His mercy.  I have been in excellent health ever since.

Owned an antique business, did probates, appraised, lectured, restored laces and linens.

Graduated from an accredited law school as a  Paralegal/Legal Assistant.  Could have pursued becoming a lawyer as I took all ten fields of law (more than a Paralegal/Legal Assistant degree even requires) but I soon realized I needed more in my life.  Even my boss's stated I knew more than they did and they felt intimidated by me as most only take two fields of law whatever they specialize in.

Free-lance Paralegal Services

Found that Law was not enough of a personal challenge for me as it came much too easy.

I taught a year as a substitute teacher and a Para-Professional substitute teacher in the public school system. 

Ran for City Council

Ran for Mayor

After much prayer I  felt led to pursue my love for art where I feel the most challenged with the talent I have been blessed with.

As far as my art talent it comes from the Lord. If you like what I paint, please  take the time to thank HIM.

My parents were both what they now call "Tiger Parents" and I am very glad they are. Both are very talented my Dad worked in chemistry and physics and was an inventor and had been written up in The Inventor’s Gazette along with my Mom.  Mom is a professional artist as well and a great inspiration to me as was my Dad. My knowledge of art was taught to me and from my own research.  Learning exactly how to paint was learned by watching my Mom (a real Master in her own right) at her side for literally decades and from my own research of the Old Master's works.

Since my Dad has passed away my greatest critics and supporters are now my Mom and husband.  One could not ask for any better parents or husband.

I was raised by old-fashioned good Christian parents who taught us to always put God first in your life, and dream big, bigger than you ever thought was possible.  Then however you land in life you will be successful. One could not find any better parents and role models.

Having learned to paint by watching my Mom literally at her side seemingly all of my life, I can paint anything but decided to specialize in the art of Historical Laces and Portraiture as this is where I feel the most challenged.   

Always an advocate for giving a voice to help the poor and disadvantaged.

Thank you for your support and your comments!

Museum Exhibit:

Allhallows Museum

In 2009 five of my paintings each measuring 24x30 were displayed as a solo exhibit in painting for three months ending in July.  They were shown in a glass case at the accredited Allhallows Museum in Honiton, Devon, England. The five paintings were chosen for me by their Trustee’s consisting of 4 men and six women. These five paintings appear on my homepage of my business website listed below.

Their website at the time of my exhibit is:

I have heard from Her Majesty by written letter twice via her Lady-In-Waiting’s as to her interest on my art as well as wishing me great success on my upcoming Allhallows Museum exhibit.  She was unable to attend as she had a prior engagement.

Other possible exhibits at accredited museums here in the U.S. have written me with interest through 2013.  However, due to the poor economy many museums have experienced lay-off’s and cutbacks so the timing has been drastically altered.

Phil. 4:13
I can do everything through him who gives me strength.

TV Interview:

KCTV5 Morning News Interview aired twice on Sunday April 21, 2013.  Bonyen Lee Reporter, Eric Smith Photographer.

Press Interview

August 3, 2022
My Contemporary Art Magazine Interview

The Lexington News 
To view copy and paste the link befow:

The Odessan 
published Feb. 14, 2009

The Lexington News
published Nov. 4, 2011

Press Release:
The Kansas City Star
Nov. 9, 2011
Online under:
Art and Entertainment

Press Release:
The Lexington News
April 4, 2012

  The Odessan
Dec. 8, 2016

The Lexington News
Dec. 14, 2016

The Examiner
Dec. 30, 2016


3 Month Solo-Exhibition
 Allhallows Museum
Honiton, England

Lisbon International Contemporary Exhibition
Lisbon, Portugal 2018
by invitation of Curator

 Magazine Publications:

Interweave Press
2010 May/June issue under title of Tapestry.

Member of National Museum for Women in the Arts by written invitation. My name will appear on their website and in the Mezzanine of the museum's Great Hall for their 30th. Anniversary Member's List as a "Champion of Women Artists".  I thank them for their support.

Known presently in 80 plus countries
American Art Collector Magazine 

Art Lover's Guide - Midwest June 2017

Circle of the Arts Foundation
Spotlight Magazine Issue 6
Lyon, France 2018
by Juried invitation